A UnIque Search model yielding exceptional results...

A FIT ... not just a Find

Ray Holley

My Search Model

Qualified and Interested

Over 25-years of recruiting experience. I find only qualified and interested “A-list” candidates for your open positions. Included are any video interviews I did with them so you can choose the best fit for your company.

Address all your recruiting needs at once.

Knowing the full scope of your open positions allows me to multi-task by asking for key referrals from industry-related prospects as I concentrate on your most important openings. This maximizes my time while saving you money.

How it all works together… 

Benefits of my business model:

  • Imagine a uniquely focused approach where you direct my time to your most critical and timely searches. Unlike traditional recruiting models where the search process seems to take forever and is extremely costly, my model approach saves you time and money.
  • Unlike many other recruiters, my knowledge and experience encompasses executive management positions in Fortune 100 companies, building my own small businesses, and heading up efforts on start-up projects that nobody else would attempt or had the vision for.
  • I see things that others don’t during the search process and ask the right questions that bring the cream-of-the-crop candidates to the top.
  • I function as a dedicated and integral part of your team.
  • My method allows you to quickly change direction or adapt to new search criteria as needed during the search process.
  • A payment structure that takes the greed out of the process.  and any recruiter bias as to what open positions they are willing to work on. My incentive is contributing to the success of your company.
  • You can direct me toward certain target companies or specific candidates on a confidential basis that would be awkward or impossible for you or your staff to approach directly.

Client Results…

  • My Clients have saved over $10,000,000.00 in recruiting fees with my unique business model – everybody wins.
  • Average elapsed time for a completed search is cut down by over 40%.
  • Enables “multi-tasking” of similar searches at the same time… e.g. VP of Sales and Regional Sales Directors. These searches can be completed at the same time rather than working individual searches and paying individual fees for each position. My specialty – combining my time and talents on multiple searches will always be to your benefit saving you time and money.

“I started to write you a response to your last email and it's been sitting in my drafts file ever since. I wanted to tell you how delighted I have been with the entire recruiting process that led to bringing our new VP on board. He's an excellent fit here and is going to make a huge difference. As I am decentralizing the management of the online business, I am sure there will be more opportunities as well. So, I look forward to meeting you in person at some point and I want to say that it is really a pleasure to work with you." Best regards, Steve Weitzner, President and CEO of CMP Media

Hiring Manager

“We have worked with Ray following a recommendation from our sister company. Not only was Ray successful in completing the assignment, I found the service very quick, efficient and professional and was particularly impressed with the thoroughness of Ray’s work with the candidates themselves. What makes this all the more impressive is that we are based in Europe and all of this work has been done remotely over several thousand miles distance. I have already recommended Ray to another company and would not hesitate to do so again.” Simon Foster Managing Director – CMPi International Exhibitions, London

Hiring Manager

“I have experienced working with Ray from the perspective of being recruited and recruiting for me. He goes the extra distance. He offers advice that really adds value, and sometimes even acts a coach. His style is unique, as he progresses each project towards a successful conclusion in his inimitable, fun loving, way. He is a professional, and you sense it as he takes the sting out of the recruitment process. I can safely say that I am delighted with the position that Ray recruited me into, and with the people he has recruited for me. Ray Holley stands out as the best in his class.” John Stuttard Vice President / Group Director, Events – CMP Information USA

Placed Candidate and Hiring Manager

“Ray Holley is, quite simply, the best recruiter I have ever worked with in my twenty- year sales career. The great majority of recruiters will throw any number of candidates at the same position and hope that one of them sticks. Ray is different. He will act as a candidate's advocate if he truly believes him/her to be a fit for the position. He is also a great coach during the interview process. His intelligence, experience, and integrity put him in a class of his own in the profession. I'm very glad that our paths crossed.” Lee Salem, Sales Director, Heavy Reading

Placed Candidate



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