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 "You shouldn't have a job to make a living. You should have a vocation to make a life!"
  • Do you wake up every day dreading to go to a job that you hate?
  • Did you once have a dream for your life and a job got in the way?
  • Do you feel like a human doing rather than a human being?
  • Would you like to again feel passionate about your work?
Ray Holley knows a little about helping people when it comes to their work. He has interviewed over 50,000 people during his career and helped them to gain insight and clarity about their work, their dreams and their lives.

Ray's experience covers a diverse background. From his start in sales, he became a successful international executive recruiter, a sales/marketing consultant to over 200 companies, a high-tech marketing executive with two Fortune 100 companies, a published columnist, an Internet entrepreneur, writer, and partner with his wife, Linda Deir in their business, Channeled Readings, LLC based in Sedona, AZ. (www.ChanneledReadings.com )

Ray believes that people aren't here to "do" things; they are here to "become" something. Based on their talents and passion, people are here to be of service to others in the best ways they can. Service to others comes from the heart and whether you work for yourself or someone else, if your heart is in the right place you will make something more of yourself than you could have by just "working for a living."

Having now left the executive search business, Ray uses all his past experience to work with individuals and businesses to help them find their passion for their work and for living. Strategies for life and business and combining the two into a powerful and rewarding force.

Ray and his wife, Linda Deir, are available to work with individuals, groups, or businesses in person or over-the-phone. We will be glad to address your career, business strategy or life questions and bring through the clarity and guidance you need to become that better person.

Call or email us today...or you can Chat with us Live! on our web site at www.LindaDeir.com - Strategies For Life and Business!  

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