“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” . . .

That’s the question the Clash asked on their album “Combat Rock” in 1982. That same question is running through peoples’ minds lately as more and more companies are laying off more and more thousands of their employees. Just when you thought you had found your “forever home”  the rug gets pulled out from under you!

If you’ve never been laid off or fired from your job before, it can be scary. It’s even frightening for the people who don’t get laid off.  Every day they come to work and face the reality of the mortality of their situation and wonder, “Am I next?”

If you are one of the people who got laid off, perhaps for the first time, fear and self-doubt begin to cloud your thinking about who you are, how much you’re worth, and what to do next. “Should I look for another job in my industry that’s laying off 1,000’s of people?”  “Should I consider a different industry?” “Should I move back to my hometown that I couldn’t wait to leave and go to work for my brother-in-law at his Waterbed Outlet?

The questions keep surfacing and the stress keeps mounting. And, as your savings and unemployment start to run out, panic sets in. It doesn’t have to be like that. You need to move into “Transition Zone.”

Transition: “the process of changing from one condition to another”

Do you ever think you’re underpaid for the amount of work you do? Is all that education you got being under-utilized in your current position? Do you feel unappreciated for the contribution you make to the company? Are you a middle manager who spends their time in endless meetings so much so you have to work weekends while senior management and the people you manage are out partying and playing golf? If so, you will soon burnout and discover just how expendable you really are.  (Read my previous blog post “Career Limbo – Where Middle Managers Live”).

That’s where I come in as your personal transition coach. Together with my partner, Linda Deir, we offer people direction when they are at a crossroads in their life and career. When “like it’s always been” is no longer enough, much less something to keep doing just because of the title on your business card, you need guidance through the rough waters ahead.

Meet the Transition Team…

Ray Holley…

  • 11 years of self-employment in the music industry – studio recording artist & music teacher
  • 7 years – sales experience – #1 Salesman in USA for Datsun/Nissan
  • 4 years – Recruiter/Training Mgr. – Management Recruiters -Toledo & San Diego
  • 5 years – Sr. Account Executive – Computer Intelligence Corp.  La Jolla, CA
  • 3 years – Director of Marketing – Zenith Data Systems – Chicago.IL
  • 2 years – Director of Marketing – Dell Computer Corp. – Austin, TX
  • 12 years – Founder & CEO – Austin Group Int’l Executive Search – Austin, TX
  • 17 years – Ray Holley Group Executive Search – Sedona & Phoenix, AZ
  • 9 years – Publisher & Author Marketing Consultant – Guided Press, LLC – Sedona and Phoenix, AZ

In my 30+ years of domestic and international executive search I’ve interviewed over 50,000 people and coached them in their transition to new jobs and entirely new careers.

Website: https://rayholleygroup.com

Linda Deir…

  • Self-taught Serial Entrepreneur since 1971. (19 years old)
  • Architect, Home Designer, General Contractor/Home Builder, and Sub-Contractor – (18 years) – Sacramento, CA.  An anomaly in the male-dominated construction business (and younger than my competitor’s children) I owned the 3rd largest, privately-held construction firm in northern CA at 21 years of age with no formal education or training. Entirely self-taught.
  • Moved to Sedona, AZ. Continued my architectural practice and became a Real Estate Broker. – (1989)
  • Started the first Internet ISP and Hosting companies in northern Arizona – (1994 – 1998) Sold the companies at the height of the dot.com craze.
  • Took 6 years off to decompress. Traveled to sacred places in South America. Traveled to Salsa dancing events around the U.S..
  • Taught myself to ice skate and became a semi-pro ice skater in my 40’s.
  • Moved to Sun Valley, ID. Skated with Olympic skaters in their off-season shows.
  • Moved back to AZ (Scottsdale) in 2002 to work on ideas I had for Spiritual projects to help others.
  • Received guidance to move back to Sedona in 2003, but I didn’t know why?
    Met Ray HolIey in February 2004. We were married January 1, 2005. (that’s why!)
  • Transitioned again in 2012 as an author. Began writing my true-life story, GUIDED.
  • Published GUIDED in 2014 and, having never written anything before and having no contacts in the literary world, it won the International Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award.
  • GUIDED launched my new career as an Author, Speaker, and Transition Coach.
  • Since 2014, I’ve written 5 books and coached people in 17 countries. My website: https://lindadeir.com has become the World’s #1 Most Popular and Most Highly-Engaged website for any Spiritual Self-Help Author and Coach.

Are You Thinking About Transitioning?

Whether you have been forced into transitioning or still employed and thinking about mapping out your future transition plans, we are here to guide you through the process. Our extensive backgrounds and experience in corporate (20+ years) and entrepreneurial situations (80+ years) enables us to show you what’s possible once fear and doubt gets alleviated and you clearly see your many possibilities.

“I had never been fired in my entire career. I was devastated. Ray and Linda helped me not only see my hidden potential, but the many ways and where it could be applied. With their guidance and  encouragement, I decided to start my own business. I’m so glad I listened because I tripled my income the first year over the job I was fired from. I should have gotten fired sooner!! ~ John C., Austin TX

Unleash your potential and earning ability that has been lying dormant inside you for too long!  Reasonable hourly consulting rates – no long-term contracts.

Drop us an email to learn if you’re a candidate for our services: rayholleygroup@gmail.com Limited time slots available.