Are you an Employer looking to hire new talent or a person looking for a new relationship?

In many ways, they share the same process. Employers put job descriptions up on their websites with the hope they’ll get seen by the right people, right away, and resumes will start pouring in.

People who utilize Dating sites however, spend much time crafting their Profiles (their dating resume) with a photograph of themselves that will stimulate attraction or interest and, according to Tinder’s core mechanics, get both people to “swipe right” and be “matched up” and get an interview/date.

Both the Employer’s and Online Dater’s systems rely on quantity rather than quality to keep their dance cards full. This keeps the Employer’s ATS system pipeline full and the internal recruiters’ desks full of “iffy,” marginal, disgruntled, or out of work candidates and the desperate dater’s weekends busy discovering who you don’t want to hire short term or become that person’s significant other.

Rejection rates… While 42% of online daters are looking for marriage, only 14% met online and got married. 28% of men and 34% of women who date online meet for only 1 date – no second interview! The result for “job daters” (ad responders) is significantly higher. Plus, 38% of the candidates who answer ads interview with more than 10 companies, injecting competition into the interview process, dragging the process out longer and losing some desirable candidates along the way.

The Solution… Since you never get to pick who loves you, how do people who are looking for long-term commitments, either career or personal meet? They get introduced. Forty percent met their significant other through an introduction from a mutual friend. Only 10% meet through a dating app. In the Employment world, this “mutual friend” is a seasoned and successful Recruiter.

When a Recruiter who knows you and your company’s hiring challenges introduces you to someone they know can be a perfect “FIT” and not just a “FIND,” that’s where the long-term relationships happen. Much of the stress of the interview process is removed this way, as the process is no longer “two pieces of paper going on a blind date.”

The best candidates for your critical open positions are working, appreciated by management, paid well, not looking at ads, and unaware your position exists. You want to interview a “FIT” and not just a “FIND.” For over three decades, the Ray Holley Group, LLC has done just that for domestic and international clients large and small, saving them over $10,000,000 in recruiting fees along the way! ~ Ray Holley

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