Besides helping growing companies secure top talent, Ray Holley and Linda Deir are the co-owners of Guided Press, a publishing company representing Linda’s work as a bestselling author, speaker, and transition coach.

In addition to being the author of 5 books including her Int’l Award-winning true-life story, GUIDED, Linda’s website is the #1 Most Popular and Most Highly-Engaged website in the World for any Spiritual Author/Coach.

Linda works with clients in 17 countries helping them with their life transition challenges on personal, professional, and spiritual levels. Her work has been described as “an amazing combination of spirituality and unexpected psychology that releases the fear-based patterns that have held you back.”

Linda knows first-hand that when you clearly understand who you are and can trust yourself is when you can make the best decisions about your personal and professional life. Working with you Live!, one-on-one, she addresses the blockages that have been keeping you from achieving the fulfilling life you came here to live. ~ Ray Holley

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