The Ray Holley Group, LLC welcomes our newest Partner to the firm, Linda Deir.

A trailblazing entrepreneur, Linda brings 45-years of full-spectrum Construction Industry and Real Estate experience to the table for the benefit of her clients. An anomaly in a male-dominated profession, a 19-year-old Linda became a self-taught Architect who designed and built her own forward-thinking designs as a General Contractor, Subcontractor, Land/Subdivision Developer, and Owner of the third-largest, privately-owned construction company in Northern California by age 22.

After building 1,000’s of her designs across northern California and the Lake Tahoe area, Linda left California for Sedona, Arizona where she continued her architectural design practice, became a successful Real Estate Broker, and with the dawn of the Internet boom, started the first ISP and Hosting companies in Northern Arizona. Reinventing herself once again in 2014, Linda fulfilled a dream of writing a book, “GUIDED” – her true-life story which won the International Body/Mind/Spirit Book Award.

Linda brings a unique passion to everything she does and understands that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. Working with Linda as a client seeking a “Fit, not just a Find” for your most critical open positions, you’ll discover that you are in the hands of a consummate professional.

For a confidential consultation contact Ray at (480) 404-8399 or Contact Ray Holley